This Lent, starting from the 1st of March for 7 Sundays until Easter we will be looking at Jesus’ journey to the cross. We will listen in on the words he spoke to people who met him on the way and examine ourselves in the light of those words. We will study his miracles and dive deeply into what these miracles mean, and finally, we will look to see our reflection in those who encountered him – the lame, the blind, the rich, the poor, the doubters and the full of faith. Please join us on this remarkable journey as we walk alongside Jesus to Jerusalem, then to Calvary.

The sermon series is accompanied by a book by the same name ‘TO SEEK AND TO SAVE’ It is made up of 41 daily readings starting from Ash Wednesday. The book is highly recommended as a companion to our sermon series. 

In addition there will be home group meetings to discuss the content of the book and additional points raised in the sermons but left for home discussions, This Lent promises to be a period of significant spiritual growth for all participants.