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Children’s Christmas Events

iWitness News: Live from Bethlehem

IWITNESS NEWS is a lovely sing along musical for kids teaching them about the true meaning of Christmas and God’s perfect plan for them. Parents would love the play too. The musical is about a news crew who go looking for the Messiah born in Bethlehem. Along the way you will be introduced to many engaging characters – clueless news reporters, wise men, a singing choir of adorable kids and the bad, bad king Herod!
So come along, sit back and enjoy as the kids steal the show!

And remember, there’s a Christmas goodie bag for every child that comes along.

Play starts at 3pm so everyone should be seated about 5 minutes earlier.

Merry Christmas!!!!

For directions to the play venue click HERE

Children’s Christmas Party


Every child in the community who’s been good this year is invited to our Christmas party specially for kids. All the children are going to have a great evening of games, quizzes, cakes, biscuits, candy and so much more. Plus – every child goes home with a free Christmas goodie bag!

Party starts at 4:30pm and date is 15th December. LIMITED SPACE so please come early so you can get a seat. Issa Party!

Merry Christmas!!!!

For directions to the party venue click HERE


In case you were wondering; JOYFUL KIDS is what we call our children’s ministry and the name is inspired by a verse in the Bible (Psalm 100:1-2) that says:

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
    Worship the Lord with gladness;
    come before him with joyful songs.

If there was one word to describe our children’s ministry at The House it would be ‘MASSIVE’,  although it may not seem like it to the casual observer. Almost a third of our resources goes to making sure our children grow up in the ways of the Lord and become useful members of the community.

If you want to see pictures and videos of our children’s ministry you could head over to our Facebook page here – 
Below is quick browse of some of the things we do – from teaching to musicals, to outings and much more. You child will always have something positive to plug into at ‘The House’


Bubbles for ages zero to six, Splash from ages seven to ten, Xtreme for ages 11-14 and Grid for ages 14-17. We have age groups because we believe in age appropriate study materials and methods. However the children are not isolated from church and at certain times we would have joint services. In addition the children join the adults for praise and worship twice a month.


This usually takes place in the first week of the school summer break and its a very big item on the children’s ministry agenda with lots of forward planning. It is open to everyone (children from the community and from other churches regularly attend this annual event) Each year is themed we’ve had Pandamania, High Seas Adventure, Weird, Athens, Go for Gold, Everest and many more.
Vacation Bible School is a mix of learning the Bible in fun ways, songs, drama sketches, outings to the beach, zoo, amusement park and other interesting places AND the T-shirts and other gear given to our kids are collectors items in their own right!


Summer camping is what our children 12-15 do every year with an organisation called Youth For Christ. Safety, fun and biblical teaching is guaranteed. All our children who go to these summer camps always come back changed in one positive way or another. We are looking to expand our summer camping activities soon to include a wider age group. Again watch this space or subscribe to our eNewsletter to be kept up to date.


One of our highlights of the year is the Children’s Christmas Musical. We are in production number seventeen now (2016) and the musicals get better and better. We’ve recently invested in wireless headsets for the children and have installed proper stage lights and PA systems so our children’s performances have that ‘professional’ feel.

There’s much more of course; we haven’t mentioned the Easter play, Outings, Light parties, Story writing competitions etc. but this is because we understand you can only read so much online. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to church sometime.