A Youth Ministry With Purpose

Our youth ministry is way more than the typical fun and games you’d find in most youth ministries. There are debates on real world issues – sexuality, poverty, other religions, euthanasia, celebrities, TV programs and so on. All biblically based of course. As a matter of course the teaching is engaging using a mix of media and methods. Our youth are also engaged in most church ministries; Praise and Worship, drama, media production and much more.

Because our church is a teaching church we also expose our young people to basic theology – teaching in understandable ways church doctrine such as the Trinity, Justification, Salvation, Eschatology and more. And then there are the in-house events – Career Talk days, An Evening With the Pastor, Entrepreneurs evening, Youth Sunday etc.

In addition, our young people don’t do their Christianity in isolation – they actively participate in outside events arranged by others – Soul Survivors, Youth With A Mission, Youth For Christ and so on. We do this because we want our young people to be well grounded and have a broad, not narrow view of their Christian faith.

Career day with the pros…

Professionals from IT, Telecoms Engineering, Architecture, Teaching, Nursing share what it takes to excel. There was also a life coach on hand to help our youth understand the principles of succeeding in life. A great day through and through.

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