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Dear Church family and friends,

These are exciting times for our church! 
The task of rebuilding in order to enhance our mission in the community was introduced 10 years ago at our End of Year Volunteer Awards Night. A lot has taken place since then, primarily the acquisiton of the small plot of land at the back of our church to help with our expansion, but also extensive work with architects, fund raising and more. 

We are now at a stage where it is agreed that we have a plan which would secure planning permission without much difficulty and which is also affordable. The feeling all around is that with God’s help we can redesign and extend the building to accomodate strategy for mission on the 21st century. Lets do this!

How we will use the new building …

children's ministry - Joyful Kids

Our new building will allow us to completely redesign our children’s ministry space in the church. Here’s what we are planning to do:

  • Create an enjoyable, safe, and attractive space for our children and families
  • Make better use of the space we have to match the ways children develop and learn
  • Update our JOYFUL KIDS space with themes that will engage their creativity and imagination
  • Put in place a check in/check out system to further enhance our safeguarding systems
  • Reach our community by using the newly designed space for many types of toddler groups.
Young People

We desperately need safe spaces for the young people in our community. A place that can come to, relax, be themselves and share their hopes and ambitions with responsible, forward thinking adults. This is a counter to the corrosive influences in society – evidenced by the growth in knife crimes, poor educational performance, teen pregnancies, under-achievement and more.

Young Families

Many young families are moving into the area and this is an opportunity to serve them through initiatives such as mums and toddlers groups, Messy Church, kids parties and more. Stay at home mums especially appreciate somewhere to go during the day for some great conversation, tea, cakes, biscuits and more.

And for those who want to know more about the Christian faith our new building ensures they can do so in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere all year round.


Our new building will be a very important part of our mission to those who are far away from God.

Apart from parenting groups we also hope to expand our music school and drama ministry for children, especially those who don’t come to church.

Our rebuilt Cafe 3:16 will be used as a third space for everyone in the community – those who just want a chat, play a game of table tennis, listen to a talk on the Christian faith, or just take a break and a snack.

Our new building will also serve as a winter shelter for the homeless and a warm centre for those who cannot afford heating at home, especially the senior citizens in our community.

And we also plan to use our new space as a flexible media production centre where we can conduct interviews and produce life-changing videos to share on social media.

Senior Citizens

We need spaces away from home for the senior citizens in the community. Loneliness has become an epidemic in our society, our elderly have nowhere to go and no one to have conversations with. Our new community spaces will do much to alleviate loneliness among the aged – of all faiths and none – in our community. Coffee mornings, lunch clubs, tea parties, light exercises and just conversation are all on offer.
We are a church in the heart of our community and we hope to work hand in hand with our hard working councillors to bring about a Custom House that we all love to live and work in


Planning Permission:

We have now received full planning permission from the council. It was not smooth as there was concerted resistance from the neigbours. But we thank God that commonsense prevailed and the London Borough of Newham sided with us.

Funding: We are almost there, many have given generously,  but we need your contribution to get us over the line.

What we have done so far:

  • Planning Permission obtained
  • Architectural drawings refined
  • Structural engineer appointed
  • Contractor appointed

When would the project be completed?

Late Autumn/Winter of 2023. We hope to celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas in our new building – and we look forward to seeing you at the grand occasion (we will arrange a live broadcast for all our supporters who cannot be physically in the U.K at the time)

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain
Psalm 127:1

Walkthrough of our new EGH project.

Things to note:


Potential capacity doubled through more efficient use of space (guests no longer have to sit in corridor during Easter, Watchnight, Mother’s Day and other special services)

Worship area is also designed to be multipurpose with a removable stage. Large community space for art exhibitions, tea parties, drama school, music school etc.

Baptism pool

Now permanent baptism pool in the  middle of worship area (covered when not in use)

Parents and babies facilities

To the back of the worship area – facility for parents and babies (with baby changing facilities and a live video feed of the worship area – parents wouldn’t miss the service just because a baby is crying or needs changing)

Ultra modern audio visual room

Also at the back – purpose built audio visual control room

Great new toilets

Up to date modern toilets now located at the centre of the building. Increased number of cubicles to serve our growing membership. This is important as multiple user groups can now use the building at the same time. There is also now a proper and spacious disabled toilet plus shower facitlities

Cafe 3:16

Community area (a.k.a CAFE 3:16) Cafe atmosphere. But also room for mums and toddlers groups, marriage courses, parenting courses, and a myriad more ways we can reach out to our community.

Top to bottom windows

Top to bottom windows forming one side of the community area. Opens up the building to the community. Allows entrance of natural light. Will look absolutely fantastic at night with the lights one.


Notice there are now three large rooms separated by movable partitions – leading to huge community space if we wish to have one big room. Capacity to reach more youth, have youth activities, reach more children through  etc.


Wider and more spacious entrance. We will also be able to introduce child check-in facilities and better control safety.

General building will be noise proof and better insulated.


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Sort Code 20-67-88 Acct. 83021106

I am supporting the EGH project because …

I am supporting the EGH project because it’s a great opportunity to reach a changing community with the good news of Jesus Christ by using more innovative methods including hosptiality in a great environment. I look forward to the church running parenting courses, marriage courses, toddler groups and much more in order to serve the younger families moving into the community.

Tade Agbesanwa

Lead Pastor

My family and I are supporting the EGH project because we believe it will give us many more opportunities to reach our community for Christ.

Francisco and Christine Bueno

Church Members

I am supporting the EGH project because we need more space to accomodate more people and run different activities (such as after school club) which will benefit youth within the community.

Georgette Debray

Church Member - Ten Year Alumni


PRAY ...

Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labour in vain – Psalm 127:1a

Please pray that the new building with be used for Gods glory and his mission in our community. Also pray for the entire EGH team, that God will grant wisdom as they draw up plans, negotiate with the council and seeks funds to make the EGH project a reality.

serve ...

We are going to need all hands on deck when we start the upgrading of our building. We would need to take things into storage, carefully remove reuseable fiitings like floor boards, lighting and sanitary ware, help with transportation to temporary worship facilities if this becomes necessary and much more. A LIST OF HELP REQUIRED WILL SOON BE MADE AVAILABLE 

GIVE ...

Please prayerfully consider giving generously to the rebuilding campaign. The Bible promises that with the measure we give is the measure which with blessings will be returned to us, ‘a double portion, pressed down and shaken together …’


Please contact Michael Reid, Chairman of Fundraising Committee, EGH project by email at with any questions you have about the EGH Capital Campaign.