The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world – John 1:9

Starts Sunday 3rd December and will conlude on Christmas Day 25th December


During Christmas it is common to hear about baby Jesus. But Jesus didn’t start out life as a baby – truthfully Jesus doesn’t even have a start – He has always been. But why did the Son of God become a baby and come into the world? Who is Jesus really and what has who he is got to do with us in the 21st century.

This sermon series looks at Christmas from eternity past. We ask the question ‘Why Christmas?’ and once again marvel at God who goes to extraordinary lengths to save people from their sins so we can have a permanent home in heaven.


There are no small group gatherings for this sermon series – we usually don’t have small groups in December as it is usually a very busy time for most of us. However those who want to dig deeper into the mysteries of John 1 can look out for our sermon series on John’s Gospel in 2018.

God bless and do have a most wonderful Christmas