Missio Dei: It is not the church of God that has a mission in the world, but the God of mission that has a church in the world.

Starts Sunday 10th September and runs for six Sundays and six small group sessions.

“God has been on mission since the beginning of time. From Genesis to Revelation we find God’s plan to build a family for eternity, bring his lost children home, reconcile us to himself and then send us out to share the Good News with those he sent Jesus to die for. Jesus made it very clear that the ultimate fulfillment of Gods misson will happen eventually. The only question is whether or nor our generation will get to be a part of the big ending. ” ~ Rick Warren

One of the things that we do less well in our church is mission. Part of the problem as I see it is the belief that sharing our faith is hard – not surprising when you listen to the media and perhaps friends and family. But I believe that it is because we are going about things the wrong way. The good news is still the good news for everyone and HAS to be shared. This campaign shows us how to Connect, Serve, Share, Grow and Pray in ways that would make us an effective missional people in the community.


The Life on Mission campaign isn’t just a one off campaign. The aim is to launch an outlook of mission in our church. Theupcoming Newham Group is part of this outlook and so is our Girls Brigade group. Going forward we look to the concept of mission infusing everything we do as a church


Sign up form removed. Cut off date for requesting participants guide was Sunday 20th August