You’ll get through this, whatever “this” is – financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises. With God’s help, you’ll get through this.

Starts Sunday 14th May and runs for six Sundays. Invite friends and family.

“But God will use your mess for good. We see a perfect mess; God sees a perfect chance to train, test, and teach the future prime minister (Joseph). We see a prison; God sees a kiln. We see famine; God sees the relocation of his chosen lineage. We call it Egypt; God calls it protective custody, where the sons of Jacob can escape barbaric Canaan and multiply abundantly in peace. We see Satan’s tricks and ploys. God sees Satan tripped and foiled.” ~ Max Lucado

As a pastor I am painfully aware of how difficult things are for God’s children even as they come to church Sunday after Sunday to hear God’s life giving words. I am aware of the unemployment, the relationship problems, the financial and emotional crises, the health challenges and much more. Of course as long as we are on this side of eternity there will be difficulties great and small. However some of these difficulties seem intractable and we lose hope. We may know that ‘God is there’ but is He there for us? There’s fear, anxiety, resignation and despondency. How do you live under such circumstances – the Bible has the answer, preserved for us in the story of Joseph. We will together as a church be examining the story of Joseph and more to see what God is saying to us in our most uncertain times.


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